Documenting Life’s Moments Through Video 

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Documenting someone’s life is one of the most sentimental memories that you can have about a loved one. Whether you want to document a particular occasion or someone’s life, it can be incredibly special to have those memories to look back on. 

Traditionally, documentation of life has been done through photos and written documents. However, in recent years video footage has become a wonderful way to capture a true look into someone’s life. 

Looking through photos and written documents can give you a great perspective into the life of someone but watching it on video truly brings it to life. When looking through old photos or documents, the viewer can only imagine what the person was feeling, but through video you can actually see and hear what the person was experiencing. 

Why Should You Document Through Video?

A video not only allows you to capture incredible memories of a person’s life but also allows you to hear their life story through their voice and watch it back for years to come.

There is only so much emotion that can be gathered from photos and written stories, but being able to watch a video allows you to see and hear how someone felt when reliving certain memories or in the present moment of capturing a momentous occasion.

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The Power of Enhancing Old Video Footage

Video biographies are a more recent way to document someone’s life, but there have been instances of older video being edited and enhanced for viewing. 

A great example of older video being repurposed in a more lifelike way is through Peter Jackson’s “They Shall Not Grow Old.” He took footage that had been in archives for over 100 years and colourized the footage along with modern production techniques, sound effects, and voice acting to give viewers the feeling of actually being present. 

Great video footage is more effective in making the viewer feel as though they are part of that moment and allows them to experience it in a lifelike way.

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How Should You Capture Video Footage to Document?

If you want to capture a biography through video, you have a few different options available. You can either video the conversation yourself or you can hire a videographer. 

By filming yourself, you can create a video in an easy and cost-effective manner. Doing it yourself can be made easier with the help of a tripod and you can use a cellphone or camera to record the video. 

However, if you want to, you can choose to hire a professional videographer to create a legacy video. Although there is some cost involved in this option, you can leave the hard work to a professional and they will be able to use their equipment and capture the entire video, edit it, and provide you with a beautiful memory to last a lifetime. 

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Creating a personal video of someone is not only special for them to reference, but it allows loved ones and families to truly relive those moments as if they are there. It can be incredibly meaningful to look back on those memories, especially after someone has passed.