Next Event! Professional Foundation & Further Training for Biography Professionals

A course for those who are active in fields such as …medicine, therapy, counselling, social and hospice work, curative and pastoral care, education and training, fine arts (like music, literature, visual and performing arts) coaching, personnel and organisation development,
and who are ready and willing to engage in an intensive process of self-development and want to acquire a broader range of instruments. Tickets available now for this September event!

Worldwide Biography Conference

Entitled “Wounds and Wonders” 16 & 17 June Pre-conference
18 to 21 June Main conference. Will take place at: Gut Frohberg
Schönnewitz 9, 01665 Käbschütztal, Deutschland (Close to Dresden)

The Initiative Group

The International Forum for Biography Work presents the annual academic initiative group lecture series featuring Elaine Cherton, Anita Seyffreid & Walter Beadling. This event will be hosted at Somerset House, London 9-10 August.

The Biography Research Parlour

A series of intimate talks at The National Archives in Kew, Middlesex 17-19 January featuring James Rudolph Steiner, grandson of the founder of spiritual approaches to biographical studies. Tickets are very limited and only open to active research professionals.