We live in a time in which conventional socio-biographical relationships and values systems are increasingly unravelling. The downside of the growing biographical freedom is often the feeling of loss of meaning, of vital relationships and of the will to live.

Concealed behind this is the longing for a new level of consciousness, through which one may learn to re-define one’s own identity from the inside out with increasing independence.

In the search for one’s own life-reality, there is a close relationship between the striving after knowledge, therapy and the development of the individual. Biographical counselling works at these frontiers. It can help people to learn how to read the language of their own life-story. The application of universal laws and principles of biographical development helps to expand one’s vision and often makes the themes of one’s life clearly apprehensible for the first time. The purpose of Biography Work is to find and to actively develop further the threads of one’s life, again and again.

Work on one’s own biography, embracing the past, present and future (whereby past and future are understood to extend beyond the span of the current life) can lead to a deeper understanding of one’s destiny. When a person overcomes the influences of the past and acknowledges the seeds of the future working inside, then he or she becomes freer to creatively mould the present. Thus it is intended that one learns to become more objective in relation to one’s own life. Insights which are gained release energy for the creative answering and resolving of one’s own life questions.

This is a way which leads from the human being who is created, to the humen being who, out of experience and in actively developing his or her own individuality, becomes a co-creator in the further process of Creation of Humanity.

The “mythology” of the superordinate themes of humanity which come to expression in individual biographies as tasks of the the times, can be both recognised as a personal responsibility and individualised. Forces which are gained through a strengthened experience of the I may be freely contributed to the power of the development of humanity.

An overall goal of Biography Work is to transform one’s own life, with its very special themes, into a work of art, which can inspire other human beings, whilst bringing one’s own biography into a living relationship with the greater biography of humanity.